Meg's Detox Diary: Day 4

Six words: Chocolate Chip cookies with sea salt Seeing as I am writing this on Day 5, I haven't much recollection of what happened yesterday. It must have been uneventful, or perhaps I haven't consumed enough calories to fuel my brain. That said, I am not going to do a minute-by-minute account of my culinary delights. Instead, I will recap.

To begin with, I ate eggs. Warm, rich, wonderful eggs, with a side of a cold, somewhat bland "Purple Nurple" smoothie. Bill stuck to the plan and consumed only smoothie. I am seeing a new side of him this week--the side with incredible willpower! Granted, eggs aren't french fries or a cheeseburger, but anything warm is hard to resist on a cold January morning.

A house I will never own, as seen on my rainy walk

I spent lunchtime walking. I was intent on walking 10,000 steps yesterday and figured that meant I had to walk at least 5,000 at lunch to make up for my desk job. I headed into the northwest hills to drool over the beautiful old houses. I scanned for for-sale signs so I could torture myself even more. I found a relatively underwhelming house on sale for $900,000. Chump change, right?

The rain caught up with me about 500 steps in, but I kept going. I turned around after 2,500 steps and headed back to work (with a quick stop at Athlete's Lounge for some new goggles). Unfortunately, the walk back took me right past Bluebird Bakery--home of some pretty amazing cookies. I stayed strong and resisted the free samples; I didn't want to open a can of worms.

My afternoon snack was the highlight of the workday: an apple with almond butter. The combination makes for a delicious, healthful-ish snack (if you don't overdo the almond butter ... which I did). It kept me full until dinner, which was ...

Gluten-free rice pasta with garlic and olive oil, topped with roasted broccoli and tempeh. Bill cooked it up while I played with the kiddos. It turned out really good, though once again, our son wouldn't go near the stuff. After 20 minutes of fighting about it, he finally did try it, but decided he only wanted the tempeh. I guess I can't complain about that!

My biggest fear at the end of the day on Thursday was being under-fueled for swimming early Friday morning. Would I wake up starving with few quick options? Would I feel sluggish in the pool? Would me teammates point and laugh as I sunk to the bottom? Stay tuned....

Caitlin's Detox Diary: Day 3

Today was so much better, friends!  I worked from home, which always brightens my day, and I busted out my new air popper to make some (butter-flavor-less) popcorn.  Lack of coffee hasn't killed me yet, but I'm not quite out of the brain fog.  Here's hoping Day 4 brings some clearing. Day 3 went like this:


Lazy work-from-home morning begins.  On Wednesdays, I get to focus entirely on Son before he goes to school, so we play and read books and generally have a good time.  I make smoothies, of course, but Wife decides she's going to buy a salad for lunch and I'll be home, so the morning is downright mellow (well, mellow for a household run by a toddler).


The danger of working from home rears its head: I've got a kitchen full of ingredients and the freedom to do what I want with them.  I distract myself with the Today show and, you know, work.


I can no longer ignore the lure of the kitchen.  Time to bust out the new popcorn popper!  (Popcorn is totally a whole food, you guys.)  Wife got me this cute little air popper for Christmas, and I'm psyched to finally set it up and give it a whirl.  It's basically as great as I had suspected.  What's not great is trying to get salt to stay on popcorn that isn't buttered.  (Pro tip: lick your popcorn kernel and dip ever so gingerly into salt.)


Realize the popcorn must have been more filling than it seemed at the time, because I've blown right through lunchtime.  Heat some leftover soup (which is definitely better than the chili, but really does seem similar), then go back for a second bowl.  Yum.


Holy hell; it's 3pm and I am not yet in a brain fog.


Debate making more popcorn and decide instead to scramble around cleaning the house for Wife's arrival.  Rearrange the meal plan document so I can make an easy quinoa dish tonight--no cumin involved, per Wife's pleading.


Wife and Son arrive, so it's playtime!  Turns out Son is crazy sleepy (was he watching Downton Abbey?), so we skip right to dinner, bath, and bed.

Roasting Veggies6:00pm

Wife is working, so I set about making a simple and delicious roasted quinoa dish (recipe coming soon!), which ends up being our favorite dinner of the week.  I still feel ok, despite the lack of coffee and maybe not enough calories, so I'm pretty psyched.


Wife is still working, and I've got so much time on my hands that I don't know what to do with myself.  I alternate between watching Scandal on Netflix and playing with my new iPhone.  I finish dinner (which ends up being a LOT of quinoa) and strangely feel satisfied.  I maybe want a bit a chocolate, but I can deal.


I thought this cleanse thing was supposed to give me more energy so I could stay up later and have a life.  Not going to finish Downton tonight, so don't even try.  Goodnight!




Meg's Detox Diary: Day 3

I tossed and turned all night, feeling achy. My throat hurts and I can't kick this headache. Illness or sugar withdrawals?


I wake up feeling awful, but decide it's not so bad I can't work. I get dressed and get the kids ready for school. I dread the morning smoothie. I just want something warm and comforting.


I make a Shamrock Smoothie, which actually turns out to be pretty good, if too sweet. The husband and kids like it, so I am not going to complain. I still feel a hole in my stomach where eggs and toast should be.


After dropping the kids off at school, I pass Starbucks again, but only because I know I have a coffee date with a coworker at 10. I begin counting the minutes.


I arrive at work already hungry. I daydream about pastries. I settle for a banana, but am still hungry.


The coffee date finally arrives. I tell my coworker about how bad I am feeling, and that I think I am getting sick. He speculates that maybe my body is telling me it needs bread and cheese. I daydream about bread and cheese.


Coffee in hand, I continue working, comforted by the warmth of the sweet, sweet nectar. My stomach is still growling, so I hit a pint of strawberries hard. I showed no mercy. The somewhat unripe strawberries were surprisingly satisfying.


Time for lunch. I realize I don't have a vessel for my giant salad, so I eat 3 small bowls of salad, beans, and walnuts. Not the warm, satisfying meal I was craving, but it will have to do.


More hummus, but this time I just pair it with crackers. I can't do more vegetables now.


I'm losing my resolve and begin Googling reasons to NOT be on this diet anymore. I miss sweets and cheese, of course, but I also miss the things I consider good for me in small amounts, like eggs and bread. I'm wondering if I can hang in, and what the meaning of it is.


After frantic prep, we finally sit down to a dinner of vegan pupusas. They are actually pretty good, but my son is not a fan, despite the fact I put cheese in his. My ever-hungry daughter, however, scarfs them down. Bill eats the pupusas with a side of leftover carrot soup, but I am so over vegetables that I can't stomach the soup. In fact, I barely eat the pupusas. My appetite is almost non-existent.


Well, my appetite is back. Bring on the cashews and oranges. Living it up at the Anderson home!


I'm in bed and hungry again. The only solution is to sleep. I envision eggs in my near future.

Caitlin's Detox Diary: Day 2

Well, it got easier today.  I'm realizing that the food part of this cleanse is really not very difficult.  Yes, I want bread, and right now I am randomly craving cornbread muffins (what?), but I do generally like smoothies, veggies, beans, and all the good stuff I'm eating this week.  The hard part is still the caffeine withdrawal, but Day 2 was waaaaaay better than Day 1 on that front, which gave me the boost I needed to restrain myself when I walked right by the Starbucks next door to my office.  Holy hell, that place smells good---how have I never noticed this? Here's how Day 2 worked out:


Wake to the sounds of a crying toddler.  Wife generously agrees to soothe him back to sleep while I keep sleeping, so I grab another hour or so.  Heavenly.


Make it down to the kitchen and am again reminded how nice it is not to have to make coffee.  Throw food together for Son's day and try not to eat the potatoes he's getting for lunch.  Wife and I collaborate on how to make a lunch using yesterday's veggie chili and last night's butternut squash mac, and end up smashing them both in the same container and calling it "chili mac."  Thank our lucky stars that I was able to make hummus through my brain fog the night before, as it gives us both something to look forward to.  Wonder why I think I'm supposed to look forward to food, then decide I can deal with that post-cleanse.

I swear my blender is cleaner than it looks.


Send Wife off with Son and her smoothie, as I'm working from home until a doc appointment later in the morning.  Decide I'm not going to make French toast in the meantime, no matter how tempting.  So far so good on the no-caffeine front.


Finally at work and starving.  Eat my leftover almonds (still sitting on my desk) and decide that yesterday's approach to delaying lunch was a pretty good one.  Settle in and try not to think about all the free Starbucks Keurig cups in the kitchen.



Give in and eat lunch; turns out I LOVE chili mac.


The brain fog settles back in.  Today is definitely better than yesterday, but still pretty rough.  I'm hungry, too, but the caffeine withdrawal distracts me nicely.  I make another stupid cup of stupid tea and eat the hummus and carrots I brought with me to work.  Wish the carrots were pita chips.


Head home via the grocery store, because we're out of bananas and Wife is dying for some sort of cracker she can eat on this cleanse.  I settle for some sesame rice crackers with ingredients I recognize, and grab some organic brown rice cakes that seem to only contain brown rice.  I'm not sure how that works, but I'm not going to question it today.


Son is in bed and, much to Wife's dismay, it turns out the spicy kale and lentil soup I've made tastes a lot like the chili we've been eating for two days.  Make a mental note not to use cumin for a while.


Sadly, yet again, I can't finish Downton Abbey through the heavy eyelids and brain fog.  Tonight, I'm the one who gives in first.  I'm asleep by 9:00.


Given that the coffee thing was slightly more bearable today, I'm inspired to keep going, despite losing some of my compadres to the lure of caffeine (not naming any names).  Onward and upward!




Meg's Detox Diary: Day 2

This detox is taking its toll. I was so excited to begin, but I didn't realize how taxing it would be. The funny thing is, it's only taxing because of my body's addiction to sugar and caffeine. I was so used to artificially sweetened foods that naturally sweet foods tasted bland to me. Even two days in, my tastebuds are beginning to adjust. I'm actually enjoying fruit. Who knew?!


I wake up feeling pretty good, possibly because I got 10 hours of sleep. But I do notice I don't feel that sluggish feeling I usually feel after an evening of a large dinner and beer.


I make another smoothie. This time, I just go with what I know: bananas, almond milk, spinach, and frozen fruit. Much better than Day 1. Even the kids partake!


I head into work after my daughter's 2-year checkup. As I approach Starbucks #1, I listen to the devil and angel on my shoulders duking it out over whether to stop for coffee. The angel wins, but mainly because the parking lot is full.


The devil wins in overtime. I stop at the Starbucks by my office for an 8oz coffee. The pastry case taunts me.


My coffee is gone. I crave more, but keep it in check. I dig into a bad of nuts and some raspberries. I am actually shocked at how satisfying they are, though I can't help dreaming about pastries ... mmm, Morning Bun.


Time for lunch: beans, rice, avocado, and salsa. I am actually full for the first time in 2 days.


Veggies and hummus. I miss cheese.


It occurs to me I haven't drunk enough water. I chug a pint.


I give the kids their pasta dinner, because ours isn't ready yet. I want them to actually eat tonight, so I cave and shelter them from my crazy detox food. Bill, however, is not so lucky.



We join the kids for dinner. I am pleasantly surprised to fine the carrot soup I made in the Vitamix is actually pretty good. I made it in the Vitamix, so it's perfectly smooth. Even Bill asks for seconds. We have sunflower seeds on the side, which the kids love. Well, they love eating them for 2 minutes and throwing them after that. Small victories.


The kids tucked in bed, I am hungry again. I just want bread, cookies, something that will fill my stomach. I just can't. Eat. More. Nuts. I give up and settle for tea and a banana.


We watch The Biggest Loser without guilt, breaking from our usual routine of dessert on the couch. I begin feeling achy and feverish, and fear a cold is imminent.


I go to bed early and shirk my evening prep for the next day. I hope not to wake up to a full-blown cold.