I Signed Up for a Marathon ... Now What?

Well, it turns out I am insane. At least I was temporarily insane last month when I signed up for the Bend Marathon with my sister. It will be a first marathon for both of us. I've done two half-marathons in my life; one at the end of a triathlon. I've never run farther than 14 miles, and that was when I was 25 years old. All of these were run at a snail's pace, by most standards, and it was a struggle just to  finish them.

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Garbanzo-Pumpkin Fritters

Please excuse me while I buy all the cans of pumpkin at Trader Joe's, lest they become unavailable in January, because THIS recipe is going to get me through Winter 2015.  I bring you the amazing Garbanzo-Pumpkin Fritters, an oil-free, vegan, whole-foods batch of easy deliciousness. The neat thing here is that---despite the pumpkin---these babies are definitely savory.  The garlic, salt, cayenne, and black pepper turn naturally sweet pumpkin into a complex little patty of goodness.  I mashed garbanzos, opened a can of pumpkin, mixed in a few bonus ingredients, and baked these suckers for 20 minutes.  Voila!  Easy-peasy and ready to warm my insides the way my typical salad lunch just can't.


Click here for the original recipe for this ridiculously easy, incredibly nutritious, and insanely delicious snack/lunch/obsession.  A note about options: I used sunflower seeds instead of hemp---it's what I had on-hand---and I baked them on parchment for 20 minutes, with a bonus minute or two under the broiler.  I'd add a touch more salt next time.  I also whipped up a little tahini dipping sauce on the side, which worked great (tahini, apple cider vinegar, smoked paprika...mmmm...).



Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Hi friends!  Wow, it's been a while.  I'd like to share a small public service announcement, which explains a small part of my recent absence from this blog, but I don't want to scare you.  Please sit down, ready yourself, and read on... .......




Non-parents, you may be thinking: Isn't that just for cows?  Alas, no---that's hoof and mouth disease, and I can only imagine that it is far more pleasant than HFMD.

Parents, you may be thinking:  Isn't that just for kids?  Mostly, yes---and kids' cases are usually pretty mild.  As I have discovered for myself, when adults do get it, it can get ugly.


I'll spare you the goriest of details, but here are the basics:



A throat tickle turns into a sore throat, which leads to a high fever and chills...


...which leads to a day of feeling ok, which leads to Wife saying "let me look at your throat," which leads to "ewwwwwww," which leads to examining my hands, which leads to discovering a few spots that really don't seem that bad...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

...which leads to OMG I MIGHT HAVE LEPROSY AND FRANKLY I WANT MY HANDS TO FALL OFF SO THEY STOP HURTING OR ITCHING OR HURTING AND ITCHING.  Also, my throat hurts.  I can only eat soft foods in very small bites, and only if I chew really well.


I may be turning a corner.  Life still sucks, but I'm not considering knocking myself out with NyQuil so I can sleep through the pain and itching.


I'm starting to feel almost human again, despite the numbness that has replaced the itching in the tips of my fingers.  I leave the house for the first time in days, but I wear gloves and make it quick.  No need to scare the children.


Seriously, people--don't be like me.  Wash your hands every five minutes if you have to.








To help you remember this important public service message, I wrote a song about it (well, I wrote lyrics about it, set to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun"):

There is a germ at your baby's school
They call it HFMDSunrise
And it's been the ruin of alabaster skin
Oh please, just take it from me.
My baby's now a toddler,
With a new classroom full of germs.
Now I can't decide which I hate more--
Itchy hands or a throat that burns.
Mothers, tell your children
Not to share their crackers and peas,
Or spend your week in itchy misery
With a case of HFMD.


You're welcome, America.