Life Update 3: Career and Other Stuff

Welp, I finally made the leap from my cushy, cliff-top perch that was part-time employment, into the roiling, ebbing, and flowing sea of freelance writing work. (In related news, I heart flowery language.)

My new logo!

My new logo!

Last week I gave my notice to XPO Logistics that I would be leaving in mid-February for greener yet more uncertain pastures. My manager of just a few months took it well, congratulating me and asking for feedback on what could make XPO a better place to work.

Honestly, there wasn't much that XPO could have done to make me stay. Sure, its culture has gone downhill a bit since being acquired (Con-way was bought by XPO in 2015). But I work from home, so I have been largely unaffected by that. They have also made some policy changes that I am not thrilled with, but again, those alone didn't make me leave.

The real reasons I left are:

  • Boredom -- I needed a change from the corporate life of status reports and Sharepoint sites.
  • Lack of flexibility -- I would like to be able to take a couple hours off occasionally to take my kids to the doctor or volunteer at school.
  • Passion -- This is the main reason I left. I have always loved to write, and I am discovering that everyone needs a writer, whether it be for marketing copy or long-form articles. Businesses are willing to pay for good writing. Passion meets income: voila!

That said, my decision to leave was not an easy one. I truly loved working with the folks on my team. They are all so talented and professional, and most important, fun. Since I started working from Con-way in 2006, I have made some lifelong friendships. I will definitely miss the people.

So, what's on tap for me after I leave? I will start working for Les Schwab as a part-time, flexible contract instructional designer. I have been working for them for months, evenings and weekends, and have really enjoyed it. The team has been so welcoming, and I am learning a TON about tires. Bonus!

I will also be writing marketing copy for a couple software companies based in Portland and San Francisco. These jobs will be hit-or-miss, but will be more writing-focused, which is what I am looking forward to.

I am always open to more writing opportunities, so if you have any leads, please send them my way!

In the meantime, my new business website is up at You can also follow me on Twitter at @Meg_CascadeCopy