Meg's Detox Diary: Day 4

Six words: Chocolate Chip cookies with sea salt Seeing as I am writing this on Day 5, I haven't much recollection of what happened yesterday. It must have been uneventful, or perhaps I haven't consumed enough calories to fuel my brain. That said, I am not going to do a minute-by-minute account of my culinary delights. Instead, I will recap.

To begin with, I ate eggs. Warm, rich, wonderful eggs, with a side of a cold, somewhat bland "Purple Nurple" smoothie. Bill stuck to the plan and consumed only smoothie. I am seeing a new side of him this week--the side with incredible willpower! Granted, eggs aren't french fries or a cheeseburger, but anything warm is hard to resist on a cold January morning.

A house I will never own, as seen on my rainy walk

I spent lunchtime walking. I was intent on walking 10,000 steps yesterday and figured that meant I had to walk at least 5,000 at lunch to make up for my desk job. I headed into the northwest hills to drool over the beautiful old houses. I scanned for for-sale signs so I could torture myself even more. I found a relatively underwhelming house on sale for $900,000. Chump change, right?

The rain caught up with me about 500 steps in, but I kept going. I turned around after 2,500 steps and headed back to work (with a quick stop at Athlete's Lounge for some new goggles). Unfortunately, the walk back took me right past Bluebird Bakery--home of some pretty amazing cookies. I stayed strong and resisted the free samples; I didn't want to open a can of worms.

My afternoon snack was the highlight of the workday: an apple with almond butter. The combination makes for a delicious, healthful-ish snack (if you don't overdo the almond butter ... which I did). It kept me full until dinner, which was ...

Gluten-free rice pasta with garlic and olive oil, topped with roasted broccoli and tempeh. Bill cooked it up while I played with the kiddos. It turned out really good, though once again, our son wouldn't go near the stuff. After 20 minutes of fighting about it, he finally did try it, but decided he only wanted the tempeh. I guess I can't complain about that!

My biggest fear at the end of the day on Thursday was being under-fueled for swimming early Friday morning. Would I wake up starving with few quick options? Would I feel sluggish in the pool? Would me teammates point and laugh as I sunk to the bottom? Stay tuned....