Meg's Detox Diary: Day 3

I tossed and turned all night, feeling achy. My throat hurts and I can't kick this headache. Illness or sugar withdrawals?


I wake up feeling awful, but decide it's not so bad I can't work. I get dressed and get the kids ready for school. I dread the morning smoothie. I just want something warm and comforting.


I make a Shamrock Smoothie, which actually turns out to be pretty good, if too sweet. The husband and kids like it, so I am not going to complain. I still feel a hole in my stomach where eggs and toast should be.


After dropping the kids off at school, I pass Starbucks again, but only because I know I have a coffee date with a coworker at 10. I begin counting the minutes.


I arrive at work already hungry. I daydream about pastries. I settle for a banana, but am still hungry.


The coffee date finally arrives. I tell my coworker about how bad I am feeling, and that I think I am getting sick. He speculates that maybe my body is telling me it needs bread and cheese. I daydream about bread and cheese.


Coffee in hand, I continue working, comforted by the warmth of the sweet, sweet nectar. My stomach is still growling, so I hit a pint of strawberries hard. I showed no mercy. The somewhat unripe strawberries were surprisingly satisfying.


Time for lunch. I realize I don't have a vessel for my giant salad, so I eat 3 small bowls of salad, beans, and walnuts. Not the warm, satisfying meal I was craving, but it will have to do.


More hummus, but this time I just pair it with crackers. I can't do more vegetables now.


I'm losing my resolve and begin Googling reasons to NOT be on this diet anymore. I miss sweets and cheese, of course, but I also miss the things I consider good for me in small amounts, like eggs and bread. I'm wondering if I can hang in, and what the meaning of it is.


After frantic prep, we finally sit down to a dinner of vegan pupusas. They are actually pretty good, but my son is not a fan, despite the fact I put cheese in his. My ever-hungry daughter, however, scarfs them down. Bill eats the pupusas with a side of leftover carrot soup, but I am so over vegetables that I can't stomach the soup. In fact, I barely eat the pupusas. My appetite is almost non-existent.


Well, my appetite is back. Bring on the cashews and oranges. Living it up at the Anderson home!


I'm in bed and hungry again. The only solution is to sleep. I envision eggs in my near future.