Caitlin's Detox Diary: Day 2

Well, it got easier today.  I'm realizing that the food part of this cleanse is really not very difficult.  Yes, I want bread, and right now I am randomly craving cornbread muffins (what?), but I do generally like smoothies, veggies, beans, and all the good stuff I'm eating this week.  The hard part is still the caffeine withdrawal, but Day 2 was waaaaaay better than Day 1 on that front, which gave me the boost I needed to restrain myself when I walked right by the Starbucks next door to my office.  Holy hell, that place smells good---how have I never noticed this? Here's how Day 2 worked out:


Wake to the sounds of a crying toddler.  Wife generously agrees to soothe him back to sleep while I keep sleeping, so I grab another hour or so.  Heavenly.


Make it down to the kitchen and am again reminded how nice it is not to have to make coffee.  Throw food together for Son's day and try not to eat the potatoes he's getting for lunch.  Wife and I collaborate on how to make a lunch using yesterday's veggie chili and last night's butternut squash mac, and end up smashing them both in the same container and calling it "chili mac."  Thank our lucky stars that I was able to make hummus through my brain fog the night before, as it gives us both something to look forward to.  Wonder why I think I'm supposed to look forward to food, then decide I can deal with that post-cleanse.

I swear my blender is cleaner than it looks.


Send Wife off with Son and her smoothie, as I'm working from home until a doc appointment later in the morning.  Decide I'm not going to make French toast in the meantime, no matter how tempting.  So far so good on the no-caffeine front.


Finally at work and starving.  Eat my leftover almonds (still sitting on my desk) and decide that yesterday's approach to delaying lunch was a pretty good one.  Settle in and try not to think about all the free Starbucks Keurig cups in the kitchen.



Give in and eat lunch; turns out I LOVE chili mac.


The brain fog settles back in.  Today is definitely better than yesterday, but still pretty rough.  I'm hungry, too, but the caffeine withdrawal distracts me nicely.  I make another stupid cup of stupid tea and eat the hummus and carrots I brought with me to work.  Wish the carrots were pita chips.


Head home via the grocery store, because we're out of bananas and Wife is dying for some sort of cracker she can eat on this cleanse.  I settle for some sesame rice crackers with ingredients I recognize, and grab some organic brown rice cakes that seem to only contain brown rice.  I'm not sure how that works, but I'm not going to question it today.


Son is in bed and, much to Wife's dismay, it turns out the spicy kale and lentil soup I've made tastes a lot like the chili we've been eating for two days.  Make a mental note not to use cumin for a while.


Sadly, yet again, I can't finish Downton Abbey through the heavy eyelids and brain fog.  Tonight, I'm the one who gives in first.  I'm asleep by 9:00.


Given that the coffee thing was slightly more bearable today, I'm inspired to keep going, despite losing some of my compadres to the lure of caffeine (not naming any names).  Onward and upward!