I’ve been talking about replacing my office chair with an exercise ball for months. I think the talk started in February, when my team at work moved to a new floor and we were offered some pretty awful standing desks.  The standing desks they were willing to pay for didn’t work for my height, so I started thinking about another economical way to avoid schlumping in my chair all day.

After months of thinking and talking about the ball chair, I still hadn’t pulled the trigger, and the schlumping continued.   Though I usually found time to keep up with my favorite blogs and IM with Meg, I couldn't take a break from my day to go online, pick one little ball chair out, and purchase it.  Susan at Fat Free Vegan built her own treadmill desk, and I couldn't click a few buttons on Amazon.

This summer, I read a scary article about how sitting all day was shaving years off my life.  I think of myself as an active gal, but with an office job, apparently the running I do when I'm not sitting isn't likely enough.

It took me 8 months, but last week, I finally ordered my ball.

As soon as I placed the order---which took all of 3 minutes---I got to wondering why in the world it had taken me so long to finally do it.  Why do I continue to resist making those small changes that could really have an impact?  Is it laziness, busyness, or just inertia?

Where I used to schlump.

Matt Frazier writes a lot about using small changes to form good habits, but I admit that small changes don’t motivate me the way that big, sweeping life decisions get me excited.

Living a life that feels like it's in constant motion, it’s the big decisions with big payoff potential---changing jobs, having kids, giving up dairy---that seem to come easily. When I do make small adjustments, it’s only in retrospect that I’m able to recognize their long-term impact.*  Now that I sit on my ball all day, I can tell my core is getting a workout, and I can literally bounce up and down while reading my email.

Mini-Trampoline Desk is way more fun than Treadmill Desk.

Other small changes I want to make:

1. Spend 10 minutes every evening just picking up around the house.

2. Floss (I just saw my dentist last week.  Guilt Trip Central).

3. Take a break at least once during every workday (ideally to work out), no matter how busy things get.

Have any small decisions made a big impact in your life?  Are there are small changes you wish you’d made months or years ago?

* I have no patience for anything less than instant gratification.  My nickname as a child--and I am not making this up--was “Caitlin Can’t Waitlin.”  Thanks, Dad.

My ball

I even got my coworkers to bounce with me.